csep.core.regions.italy_csep_region(dh_scale=1, magnitudes=None, name='csep-italy', use_midpoint=True)[source]

Returns class representing Italian testing region.

This region can be used to create gridded datasets for earthquake forecasts. The region is defined by the file ‘forecast.italy.M5.xml’ and contains a spatially gridded region with 0.1° x 0.1° cells.

  • dh_scale – can resample this grid by factors of 2

  • magnitudes (array-like) – bin edges for magnitudes. if provided, will be bound to the output region class. this argument provides a short-cut for creating space-magnitude regions.

  • name (str) – human readable identify given to the region

  • use_midpoint (bool) – if true, treat values in file as midpoints. default = true.




ValueError – dh_scale must be a factor of two