csep.load_catalog_forecast(fname, catalog_loader=None, format='native', type='ascii', **kwargs)[source]

General function to handle loading catalog forecasts.

Currently, just a simple wrapper, but can contain more complex logic in the future.

  • fname (str) – pathname to the forecast file or directory containing the forecast files

  • catalog_loader (func) – callable that can load catalogs, see load_stochastic_event_sets above.

  • format (str) – either ‘native’ or ‘csep’. if ‘csep’, will attempt to be returned into csep catalog format. used to convert between observed_catalog type.

  • type (str) – either ‘ucerf3’ or ‘csep’, determines the catalog format of the forecast. if loader is provided, then this parameter is ignored.

  • **kwargs – other keyword arguments passed to the csep.core.forecasts.CatalogForecast.