csep.utils.comcat.get_event_by_id(eventid, catalog=None, includedeleted=False, includesuperseded=False, host=None)[source]

Search the ComCat database for an event matching the input event id. This search function is a wrapper around the ComCat Web API described here: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/fdsnws/event/1/ Some of the search parameters described there are NOT implemented here, usually because they do not apply to GeoJSON search results, which we are getting here and parsing into Python data structures. This function returns a DetailEvent object, described elsewhere in this package. Usage:

  • eventid (str) – Select a specific event by ID; event identifiers are data center specific.

  • includesuperseded (bool) – Specify if superseded products should be included. This also includes all deleted products, and is mutually exclusive to the includedeleted parameter.

  • includedeleted (bool) – Specify if deleted products should be incuded.

  • host (str) – Replace default ComCat host (earthquake.usgs.gov) with a custom host.

Returns: DetailEvent object.