csep.utils.plots.plot_basemap(basemap, extent, ax=None, figsize=None, coastline=True, borders=False, tile_scaling='auto', set_global=False, projection=<Derived Projected CRS: +proj=eqc +ellps=WGS84 +a=6378137.0 +lon_0=0.0 +to ...> Name: unknown Axis Info [cartesian]: - E[east]: Easting (unknown) - N[north]: Northing (unknown) - h[up]: Ellipsoidal height (metre) Area of Use: - undefined Coordinate Operation: - name: unknown - method: Equidistant Cylindrical Datum: unknown - Ellipsoid: WGS 84 - Prime Meridian: Greenwich, apprx=False, central_latitude=0.0, linecolor='black', linewidth=True, grid=False, grid_labels=False, grid_fontsize=None, show=False)[source]

Wrapper function for multiple cartopy base plots, including access to standard raster webservices

  • basemap (str) – Possible values are: stock_img, stamen_terrain, stamen_terrain-background, google-satellite, ESRI_terrain, ESRI_imagery, ESRI_relief, ESRI_topo, ESRI_terrain, or webservice link (see examples in csep.utils.plots._get_basemap(). Default is None

  • extent (list) – [lon_min, lon_max, lat_min, lat_max]

  • ax (matplotlib.pyplot.ax) – Previously defined ax object

  • figsize (tuple) – If no ax is provided, a tuple of floats can be provided to define figure size

  • coastline (str) – Flag to plot coastline. default True,

  • borders (bool) – Flag to plot country borders. default False,

  • tile_scaling (str/int) – Zoom level (1-12) of the basemap tiles. If ‘auto’, is automatically derived from extent

  • set_global (bool) – Display the complete globe as basemap

  • projection (cartopy.crs.Projection) – Projection to be used in the basemap

  • apprx (bool) – If true, approximates transformation by setting aspect ratio of axes based on middle latitude

  • central_latitude (float) – average latitude from plotting region

  • linecolor (str) – Color of borders and coast lines. default ‘black’,

  • linewidth (float) – Line width of borders and coast lines. default 1.5,

  • grid (bool) – Draws a grid in the basemap

  • grid_labels (bool) – Annotate grid values

  • grid_fontsize (float) – Font size of the grid x and y labels

  • show (bool) – Flag if the figure is displayed


matplotlib.pyplot.ax object